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Delivery Location Order By Date Delivery Date Time
ABC-Gladstone SHOPPING LIST You fill your cart DURING
Canyonville School-Food Delivery Mar. 5Wed., Mar. 114-5 pm
Central Valley School-Food Delivery Mar. 18Wed., Mar. 252-2:30 pm
Coos Bay Church-Food Delivery Mar. 12Tues., Mar. 174-6 pm
Eugene Church-Food Delivery Mar. 12Wed., Mar. 184-6 pm
Florence B.L. Center-Food Delivery Mar. 12Wed., Mar. 1810-10:30 am
Grants Pass CHURCH-Food Delivery Mar. 5Tues., Mar. 104-6 pm
Mid Columbia School-Food Delivery Mar. 4Mon., Mar. 912:30-1 pm
Milo Academy-Cafeteria Dock Food Delivery Mar. 5Wed., Mar. 111:30-2 pm
Rogue Valley Adventist Academy-Food Delivery Mar. 18Tue., Mar. 244-7 pm
Roseburg School-Food Delivery Mar. 5Thurs., Mar. 122-4 pm
South Salem Church-Food Delivery Mar. 18Wed., Mar. 253:30-4 pm
Springfield Church-Food Delivery Mar. 12Wed., Mar. 181-2 pm
The Dalles School-Food Delivery Mar. 4Mon., Mar. 911-11:30 am
Three Sisters School-Food Delivery Mar. 12Thurs., Mar. 194-6 pm
Tualatin Valley School-Food Delivery Mar. 4Mon., Mar. 94-5 pm